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MARKAL modelling and scenarios relating to availability of new energy technologies
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ECN Policy Studies 1997
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ECN-RX--97-072 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Presented at IEA CERT workshop 'Energy technology availability to mitigate future greenhouse gas emissions', Paris, 16 June, 199 (), , , Vol., p.-.

The MARKAL model is being used to analyze the dynamics of energy systemsin many different countries. There are different kinds of applications of MARKAL. The analysis of general energy and environment issues is the most widespread application. The paper gives an introduction to another application, namely for energy R and D priority setting. An exemplary scenario study on the prospects of new energy technologies is presented for the case of the Netherlands (SYRENE study). Further, recent advancements in the MARKAL model relevant for energy R and D priority setting are reported. 18 refs.

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