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Optimale kapaciteit van warmtepompsystemen voor kollectieve ruimteverwarming.
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ECN Policy Studies 1981
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ESC-14 ECN publication
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This report analyzes the optimum capacity of district heating schemes with gasengine-driven heatpumps in the Netherlands. Total discounted cost of the heating system over its lifetime has been calculated for sixteen different cases: existing single-family and multi-family houses, newly built single-family houses with two levels of thermal insulation and five system-sizes between forty and thousand dwellings. The results show that for single-family houses the optimal size lies about two hundred houses. For multy-family houses the optimal solution is the application of a heatpump in every housing-block. However, the differences in total cost for various sizes are relatively small, so specific local circumstances may justify the application of heatpumps for almost all other system-sizes.

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