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Spray deposition of oxides at ambient atmosphere, Part 1: Transparent conductive oxides
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ECN Solar Energy 23-11-2006
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ECN-M--06-097 Conference Paper
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Presented at: Thüringer Grenz- und Oberflächentage, Oberhof, Germany, 13-14 september 2006.

The spraying process is a low cost and easy up-scalable technique and its applicability for the deposition of Transparent Conductive Oxide layers (TCO) has already been published [1-5]. However, despite of the required high-cost equipment, physical deposition of TCO's is still favored. This work describes the spray deposition of TCO's with the purpose to get a deeper understanding about the parameters impacting the layer growth and properties. The materials of choice are ITO and ZnO:In. ITO has already widely been used in the flat panel and optoelectronics industry and is known to have excellent optical and electrical properties [6]. ZnO is beside of its special properties [7-9], the today's low cost alternative to ITO, which is currently under discussion due to indium supply and costs concerns. The spraying process is rather complicated, as it combines chemical and physical processes. The nebulisation and decomposition of the precursor material is one of the most crucial steps. In this work ultrasonic agitation of the precursor has been chosen to create a fine mist. In addition to the ITO and ZnO:In deposition on sodalime glass, the effect of a nucleation layer on the ZnO:In layer growth has been studied

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