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Optimal gas corridors and infrastructure between EU and its neighbouring countries to secure supply in Europe: Analysis of needs and implementation
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ECN Policy Studies 10-6-2007
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ECN-M--07-101 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 9th IAEE European Energy Conference, Florence, Italy, 10-13 juni 2007.

In this paper we assess the gas infrastructure needs of the EU up till 2030 (i.e. the gas infrastructure investment requirements) and discuss economic and regulatory conditions that hamper the implementation of these optimal gas infrastructure investments, referred to as gas corridors between EU gas markets and neighbouring supplying countries. In addition, we propose some measures for the improvement of current EU policy and regulation and thereby the conditions for gas corridor implementation. We find that there is great need for further expanding the connections, pipeline, LNG, including storage facilities in terms of capacity and diversity of routing and for improvement of regulation in facilitating investments. Especially, we suggest policy and regulatory improvements regarding regulatory uncertainty, a.o. due to differences in regulatory frameworks, and lack of coordination in cross-border projects. Therefore a larger role for EU coordination and regulation on a pan-European level is suggested

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