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Experiment R268-06/07/08 (SIWAS 06/07/08): activity calculations
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ECN-I--98-008 Other
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In the title experiments specimens made of different austenitic andmartensitic stainless steel types have been irradiated at a temperature of 80C up to a dpa (displacements per atom) level of 2 dpa. The aim of these irradiation series, carried out within the framework of a research programme for advanced nuclear systems, is to study the mechanical behaviour of various materials after irradiation. In this report the results of the activity calculations, valid for different types of specimen materials, are presented. The experiments also contained dummy specimens, made of AIS1316-steel, used for temperature measurements. The activity of this material is calculated for the vertical average of the irradiation position. The activities of the specimen materials are given for the vertical maximum of the irradiation position. A relation is given to convert the data to any vertical specimen position. Also the changes in chemical composition of the different specimen materials, due to nuclide transmutation, are presented. 6 refs.

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