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Publications from author Freudenreich, W.E. 
Freudenreich, W.E.; Gruppelaar, H.;
Accelerator driven systems. ADS benchmark calculations. Results of stage 2. Radiotoxic waste transmutation
ECN-R--98-022 EN december 1998; 28 pag.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Freudenreich, W.E.; Deurwaarder, C.P.; Kaa, T. van der; Carchon, R.; Baeten, P.; Bruggeman, M.; Holkamp, P.;
Detection and monitoring systems for the prevention of illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials at sea ports in EU member states
ECN-RX--98-046 EN juli 1998; 4 pag.
Published in: To be presented at the International conference on safety of radiation sources and security of radioactive materials, organized (), , Ed., p.-.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Ketema, D.J.;
Experiment R268-06/07/08 (SIWAS 06/07/08): activity calculations
ECN-I--98-008 NL 1998; 41 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Ketema, D.J.;
Experiment R285-08 (ILAS 8): activity calculations
ECN-I--98-022 NL 1998; 23 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Ketema, D.J.;
Experiments R312-03/04 (SINEXT-03/04): activity calculations
ECN-I--98-037 NL 1998; 16 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Gruppelaar, H.; Hogenbirk, A.; Koning, A.J.;
Accelerator-driven-systems TH-ADS benchmark calculations: results of stage 1
ECN-R--97-012 EN 1998; 35 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Freudenreich, W.E.;
On the use of WIMS-7 for calculations on accelerator-driven systems
ECN-R--97-017 EN 1998; 27 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Experiment R285-06 (ILAS 6): activity calculations
ECN-I--97-055 NL 1997; 18 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Experiments R287-4/5 (CHARIOT 4/5): activity calculations
ECN-I--97-056 NL 1997; 25 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Peeters, T.T.J.M.;
Experiment R276-6/7/8 (MANIA 6/7/8): activity calculations
ECN-I--96-006 NL 1996; 48 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Peeters, T.T.J.M.;
Experiment R276-9/10/11 (MANIA 9/10/11): activity calculations [ECN-I--96-008]
ECN-I--96-008 NL 1996; 21 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Peeters, T.T.J.M.;
Experiment R276-12/13/14 (MANIA 12/13/14): activity calculations [ECN-I--96-009]
ECN-I--96-009 NL 1996; 40 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Peeters, T.T.J.M.;
Experiment R276-15 (MANIA 15): activity calculations
ECN-I--96-010 NL 1996; 17 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Peeters, T.T.J.M.;
Experiments R285-3/4/5 (ILAS 3/4/5): activity calculations
ECN-I--96-014 NL 1996; 48 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Experiments R287-1/2/3 (CHARIOT 1/2/3): activity calculations [ECN-I--96-020]
ECN-I--96-020 NL 1996; 53 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Bakker, K.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Physical and chemical properties of some inert matrices for PuO2 fuel [ECN-R--95-030]
ECN-R--95-030 EN 1996; 41 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Detailed LFR core model for MCNP
ECN-I--94-057 EN 1995; 36 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Dose rate of sample E419 in experiment SIRIO 277-02: comparisonof measurements and calculations
ECN-I--95-027 EN 1995; 21 pag.
Peeters, T.T.J.M.; Freudenreich, W.E.;
Calculation of fluence rate distributions in a pre designclinical facility for BNCT at the LFR
ECN-I--95-046 EN 1995; 25 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Stecher-Rasmussen, F.;
Approach to a biological thermal BNCT facility at the LFR-Petten
ECN-I--93-007 EN 1993; 13 pag.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Paardekooper, A.; Polle, A.N.; Freudenreich, W.E.;
Neutron metrology in the fuel assemblies of a material test reactor
ECN-RX--93-091 EN 1993; 11 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Activation of Ni, Zr, Sn, Ta, W and Pb in a typical HFR spectrum = ECN-I--92-016
ECN-I--92-016 EN 1992; 17 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Stecher-Rasmussen, F.; Haas, J.B.M. de;
Development study of a biological thermal neutron facility for the Petten BNCT project at the LFR = ECN-I--92-022
ECN-I--92-022 EN 1992; 29 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Haas, J.B.M. de;
Heat production by photons in the BNCT beam filter components in HB11 at the HFR = ECN-I--92-021
ECN-I--92-021 EN 1992; 16 pag.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Freudenreich, W.E.; Paardekooper, A.; Stecher-Rasmussen, F.; Verhagen, H.W.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR. : Neutron and gamma metrology in the free beam of HB 11.
ECN-C--91-076 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Freudenreich, W.E.; Stecher-Rasmussen, F.; Verhagen, H.W.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR. : Neutron and gamma metrology in two baegles and one cylindrical phantom.
ECN-C--91-075 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR. : Steel irradiation R139-55.
ECN-I--91-009 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.;
Experiences with the reaction 93Nb(n,n')93mNb in neutron fluence monitoring. : Report presented at the 7th ASTM-EURATOM symposium on reactor ; dosimetry, Strasbourg, 27-31 August 1990.
ECN-RX--90-056 EN 1990; 0 pag.