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High temperature gas cooled reactor applications and future prospects: proceedings of an IAEA Technical Committee Meeting held in Petten, the Netherlands, 10-12 November 1997
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The Indonesian HTR Team was established in August 1993 to conduct studieson HTR technology and its application. The team is divided into 2 groups, i.e. reactor technology and safety group, which includes activities in the field of neutronics, thermohydraulics, fuel elements, information and communication, environmental, HTR material, techno-economical aspect, and application group. Especially in the field of application, the study is connected with CO2 conversion from the enriched CO2 of the Natuna gas field by using HTR. This activity is now influenced by another program for the Natuna gas field and the Memberamo river in Irian Jaya. Another activity concerns coal liquefaction because of the relative big abundance of coal resources in Indonesia. Coal are mostly utilized for electric power generation and for cement industries. Regarding the prediction that Indonesia is becoming one of the nett oil importing countries, the coal liquefaction is needed and will be realized if and only if the fluid fuel from coal is competitive. The study activity in desalination is still done by using an HTR or floating nuclear power plant, it is especially addressed for the eastern part of Indonesia. Particle coatings activity is still done in Yogyakarta Nuclear Research Center since 3 years ago, and it will be supported in the near future in the Center for Nuclear Fuel Element at Serpong. 3 refs.

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