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Publications from author Jehee, J.N.T. 
Glas, P.; Jehee, J.N.T.; Kaan, H.F.; Kiesewetter, J.; Ligthart, F.A.T.M.; Selow, E.R. van;
Bedrijfsenergieplan 2000-2001
ECN---01-002 NL mei 2001; 77 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Kamphuis, I.G.; Kok, J.K.; Selow, E.R. van; Verduijn, B.;
PROMON: dynamische procesmonitoring in de procesindustrie
ECN-R--00-002 NL december 2000; 83 pag.
Warmer, C.J.; Jehee, J.N.T.; Kamphuis, I.G.;
A workbench in support of energy management services
ECN-RX--00-031 EN oktober 2000; 21 pag.
Published in: Contribution to DistribuTech 2000, 10 - 12 October 2000, Vienna (), , Ed., p.-.
Glas, P.; Jehee, J.N.T.; Kaan, H.F.; Ligthart, F.A.T.M.;
Bedrijfsenergieplan 1999 [VR1999/ECN-004]
ECN---99-004 NL december 1999; 66 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Wezel, B.W. van; Verduijn, B.;
Primair energieverbruik en CO2-emissie ECN 1998: berekeningsmethode en verbruiksanalyse
ECN-I--99-012 NL december 1999; 49 pag.
Selow, E.R. van; Wijk, J.J. van; Jehee, J.N.T.;
Identification and visualization of energy-consumption patters
ECN-RX--98-058 EN oktober 1998; 10 pag.
Published in: Paper, presented at the Distributech DA/DSM Europe 1998 conference, London, United Kingdom, 27-29 October 1998 (), , Ed., p.-.
Haverkate, B.R.W.; Heek, A.I. van; Jehee, J.N.T.;
Nuclear cogeneration based on HTR technology
ECN-RX--98-007 EN 1998; 15 pag.
Published in: Contribution to the 6th International conference on nuclear engineering (ICONE-6), 10-15 May 1998, San Diego, United States of A (), , Ed., p.-.
Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Seebregts, A.J.; Horn, B.A. van den; Jehee, J.N.T.; Blok, B.M.;
Methodology for probabilistic safety assessment of wind turbines : demonstrated by a case study of the LAGERWEY LW 15/75 design
ECN-C--93-010 EN 1993; 207 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Stoop, P.M.;
Het perspectief voor kernenergie in Nederland
ECN-RX--93-084 NL 1993; 7 pag.
Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Blok, B.M.; Horn, B.A. van den; Jehee, J.N.T.; Seebregts, A.J.; Otterloo, R.W. van;
Reliability analysis methods for wind turbines : Task 1 of the project: Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Wind Turbines.
ECN-C--92-018 EN 1992; 103 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Seebregts, A.J.;
Comparison of guidelines for level-1 Probabilistic Safety Assessment.
ECN-C--91-032 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Seebregts, A.J.; Jehee, J.N.T.;
Comparison of guidelines for level-2 probabilistic safety assessment.
ECN-C--91-085 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Seebregts, A.J.;
Risico-analyses van kerncentrales.
ECN-RX--91-009 NL 1991; 0 pag.