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Publications from author Akker, J.H.A. van den
Akker, J.H.A. van den; Baken, T.;
Efficient residential lighting in Peru: vol. 1: marketing study for the introduction of compact fluorescent lamps
ECN-C--97-071 EN 1998; 70 pag.
Akker, J.H.A. van den;
Efficient residential lighting in Peru. Vol. 2. Impacts of the introduction of compact fluorescent lamps
ECN-C--97-072 EN oktober 1997; 52 pag.
Akker, J.H.A. van den; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Climate change and developing countries: Priorities for policy research in the Netherlands.
ECN-C--91-011 EN 1991; 54 pag.
Akker, J.H.A. van den;
Climate change in North-South perspective : greenhouse gas emissions, climate change impacts and response options = ECN-I--91-059
ECN-I--91-059 EN 1991; 146 pag.