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Publications from author Schram, R.P.C. 
Verbakel, W.F.A.R.; Schram, R.P.C.;
Design of a Visual Inspection and Nuclide Identification System for High level radioactive waste (VINISH)
ECN-RX--98-029 EN 1998; 10 pag.
Published in: Paper to be presented at RECOD'98, Nice, France, 25-28 October 1998 (), , Ed., p.-.
Schram, R.P.C.; Prij, J.;
Back-end of the HTR fuel cycle
ECN-I--97-015 EN 1997; 24 pag.
ECN. Nucleaire Energie, ; Konings, R.J.M.; Schram, R.P.C.; Boer, R. de; Huntelaar, M.E.; Laan, J.G. van der; Bakker, K.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
Highlights of nuclear chemistry 1995
ECN-I--96-032 EN 1996; 34 pag.
Schram, R.P.C.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Heek, A.I. van;
High-temperature reactor developments in the Netherlands
ECN-RX--96-003 EN 1996; 13 pag.
Schram, R.P.C.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
Oxygen potential of Th1-yUyO2
ECN-RX--96-010 NL 1996; 23 pag.
Schram, R.P.C.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Huntelaar, M.E.;
Source term calculations of the ALMR
ECN-R--95-021 EN 1995; 38 pag.