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Publications from author Verhaak, M.J.F.M. 
Wild, P.J. de; Verhaak, M.J.F.M.;
Catalytic production of hydrogen from methanol
ECN-RX--01-005 EN 2001; 15 pag.
Presented at: 4th European Congress on Catalysis, Rimini, Italy, 5-10 september 1999.
Brink, R.W. van den; Verhaak, M.J.F.M.; Gent, M.M.C.; Smit, A.W.;
Direct catalytic decomposition and hydrocarbon-assisted catalytic reduction of N2O in the nitric acid industry
ECN-C--00-087 EN november 2000; 31 pag.
Brink, R.W. van den; Verhaak, M.J.F.M.; Lijssel, J.W.N. van; Gent, M.M.C.;
Catalytic destruction of N2O in the nitric acid industry : executive summary
ECN-C--00-003 NL 2000; 19 pag.
Pels, J.R.; Verhaak, M.J.F.M.;
Selective catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide with hydrocarbons using a SO2 resistant Fe/zeolite catalyst
ECN-I--99-014 EN december 1999; 14 pag.