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Publications from author Chadwick, M.B. 
Koning, A.J.; Chadwick, M.B.; Young, P.G.;
ENDF/B-VI neutron and proton data files up to 150 MeV for 63Cu and 65Cu
ECN-R--98-011 EN 1998; 19 pag.
Koning, A.J.; Chadwick, M.B.; Macfarlane, R.E.; Mashnik, S.; Wilson, W.B.;
Neutron and proton transmutation-activation cross section libraries to 150 MeV for application in accelerator-driven systems and radioactive ion beam target-design studies
ECN-R--98-012 EN 1998; 120 pag.
Koning, A.J.; Chadwick, M.B.;
Multistep direct reactions: a microscopic two-component approach
ECN-RX--97-055 EN 1997; 10 pag.
Published in: Presented at the Specialists' meeting on the nucleon nucleus optical model up to 200 MeV, 13-15 November 1996, Bruyeres-le-Chate (), , Ed., p.-.