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Multistep direct reactions: a microscopic two-component approach
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ECN-RX--97-055 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Presented at the Specialists' meeting on the nucleon nucleus optical model up to 200 MeV, 13-15 November 1996, Bruyeres-le-Chate (), , , Vol., p.-.

A multistep direct reaction theory for analyzing nucleon-inducedreactions to the continuum for incident energies up to 200 MeV is presented. Two principal advances in multistep direct theory are studied: (1) a microscopical approach for calculating DWBA transitions to the continuum, where transitions to all accessible 1p1h shell model states are explicitly determined; (2) a two-component formulation of multistep direct reactions is given, where neutron and proton excitations are explicitly accounted for in the evolution of the reaction, for all orders of scattering. The multistep direct theory is applied, along with theories for multistep compound, compound, and collective reactions, to analyze experimental emission spectra for a range of targets and energies. The sensitivity to the employed optical model is demonstrated. It shows that the theory correctly accounts for measured neutron an proton emission angle-integrated spectra, as well as angular distributions. Additionally, we note that these microscopic and two-component developments facilitate more fundamental studies into effective nucleon-nucleon interactions in multistep calculations. 3 figs., 28 refs.

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