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Publications from author Peeringa, J.M. 
Hermans, K.W.; Kanev, S.K.; Peeringa, J.M.; Savenije, F.J.;
Soft foundation control design and its aero-servo-elastic stability
ECN-E--17-075 EN juni 2018; 35 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.; Bedon, G.;
Structural Reliability Assessment of a 4MW Offshore Wind Turbine Monopile
ECN-E--17-069 EN december 2017; 44 pag.
Stettner, M.; Reijerkerk, M.J.; L├╝nenschloss, A.; Riziotis, V.; Croce, A.; Sartori, L.; Riva, R.; Peeringa, J.M.;
Stall-Induced Vibrations of the AVATAR Rotor Blade
ECN-W--17-036 EN november 2017; 12 pag.
Published in: Journal of Physics, Conference Series (IOP Conference Series), 2017, Ed.753, p.1-11.
Kanev, S.K.; Shipurkar, U.; Baldacino, D.; Ozdemir, H.; Peeringa, J.M.; Gunes, Y.;
Design for Reliable power performance (D4REL); Final report
ECN-E--17-051 EN september 2017; 68 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.; Asgarpour, M.;
Framework for Reliability Assessment of Offshore Wind Support Structures
ECN-E--16-067 EN maart 2017; 23 pag.
Hermans, K.W.; Peeringa, J.M.; Verbruggen, T.;
The influence of offshore floating foundations to the wind turbine generator. A study using aNySIMPHATAS
ECN-E--16-032 EN januari 2017; 66 pag.
Hermans, K.W.; Peeringa, J.M.;
Future XL monopile foundation design for a 10 MW turbine in deep water
ECN-E--16-069 EN december 2016; 43 pag.
Beurskens, H.J.M.; Bulder, B.H.; Eecen, P.J.; Obdam, T.S.; Pal, A. van der; Peeringa, J.M.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.;
Can we reduce the cost of energy by 40% in 2020?
ECN-M--15-015 EN maart 2015; 13 pag.
Savenije, F.J.; Peeringa, J.M.;
Control development for floating wind
ECN-M--14-063 NL maart 2015; 11 pag.
Presented at: The Science of Making Torque from Wind, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 28-30 juni 2010.
Savenije, F.J.; Peeringa, J.M.; Huijs, F.; Ridder, E.J. de;
Control development for floating wind
ECN-M--13-045 EN november 2013; 1 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.; Brood, R.; Ceyhan, O.; Engels, W.P.; Winkel, G.D. de;
Upwind 20 MW Wind Turbine Pre-Design
ECN-E--11-017 EN december 2011; 53 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.;
WT-ERA user's manual. Program for Wind Turbine - Extreme Response Analysis
ECN-E--10-055 EN oktober 2010; 23 pag.
Savenije, F.J.; Peeringa, J.M.;
Aero-elastic simulation of offshore wind turbines in the frequency domain
ECN-E--09-060 EN november 2009; 74 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.; Bierbooms, W.A.A.M.;
Extreme loads using measured and calculated responses for offshore applications
ECN-E--09-053 EN oktober 2009; 56 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.;
Comparison of extreme load extrapolations using measured and calculated loads of a MW wind turbine
ECN-M--09-055 EN april 2009; 12 pag.
Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference 2009, Marseille, France, 16-19 maart 2009.
Eecen, P.J.; Garrel, A. van; Obdam, T.S.; Schepers, J.G.; Peeringa, J.M.; Snel, H.; Engelen, T.G. van; Wouters, D.A.J.; Ozdemir, H.; Bulder, B.H.;
ECN - Wind energy presentations of the Dutch Wind Workshops 2008
ECN-M--08-082 EN november 2008; 241 pag.
Presented at: Dutch Wind Workshops 2008, Delft, The Netherlands, 27-28 oktober 2008.
Peeringa, J.M.;
Stream function wave program
ECN-C--05-028 EN februari 2005; 16 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.;
Wave loads on offshore wind turbines: Feasibility study using results of wave experiments executed by Electricit├ę de France (EDF)
ECN-C--04-042 EN april 2004; 25 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.;
Extrapolation of extreme responses of a multi megawatt wind turbine
ECN-C--03-131 EN december 2003; 64 pag.
Bulder, B.H.; Peeringa, J.M.; Pierik, J.T.G.; Henderson, A.; Huijsmans, R.H.M.; Snijders, E.J.B.; Hees, M.Th. van; Wijnants, G.H.; Wolf, M.J.;
Floating offshore wind turbines for shallow waters
ECN-RX--03-039 EN juni 2003; 10 pag.
Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference 2003, Madrid, Spain, 16-19 juni 2003.