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Publications from author Cot Gores, J. 
Essen, V.M. van; Zondag, H.A.; Cot Gores, J.; Bleijendaal, L.P.J.; Bakker, M.; Schuitema, R.; Helden, W.G.J. van; He, Z.; Rindt, C;
Characterization of MgSO4 hydrate for thermochemical seasonal heat storage
ECN-W--09-038 EN november 2009; 7 pag.
Published in: Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (ASME), 2009, Ed.131, p.041014-1-041014-7.
Zondag, H.A.; Schuitema, R.; Bleijendaal, L.P.J.; Cot Gores, J.; Essen, V.M. van; Helden, W.G.J. van; Bakker, M.;
R&D of thermochemical reactor concepts to enable seasonal heat storage of solar energy in residential houses
ECN-M--09-096 EN augustus 2009; 8 pag.
Presented at: Energy Sustainability 2009, San Francisco, USA, 19-23 juli 2009.
Essen, V.M. van; Bleijendaal, L.P.J.; Cot Gores, J.; Zondag, H.A.; Schuitema, R.; Helden, W.G.J. van;
Characterization of salt hydrates for compact seasonal thermochemical storage
ECN-M--09-102 EN augustus 2009; 8 pag.
Presented at: Effstock 2009 - Thermal Energy Storage for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Stockholm, Sweden, 14-17 juni 2009.
Zondag, H.A.; Essen, V.M. van; Bleijendaal, L.P.J.; Cot Gores, J.; Schuitema, R.; Helden, W.G.J. van; Planje, W.; Epema, T.; Oversloot, H.;
Comparison of reactor concepts for thermochemical storage of solar heat
ECN-M--09-007 EN januari 2009; 6 pag.
Presented at: IRES conference 2008, Berlin, Germany, 24-25 november 2008.