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Publications from author Uslu, A. 
Uslu, A.;
Monitoring framework and the KPIs for advanced renewable liquid fuels (RESfuels)
ECN-E--18-016 EN maart 2018; 14 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; Papadokonstantakis, S. Energy Technology Chalmers University; Filip, Johnsson;
Setting up the ADVANCEFuel project common framework
ECN-E--18-019 EN maart 2018; 38 pag.
Uslu, A.; Wilde, H.P.J. de; Londo, H.M.;
REDII-voorstel Impact Analyse
ECN-E--17-056 NL januari 2018; 56 pag.
Marsidi, M.; Dril, A.W.N. van; Dalla Longa, F.; Uslu, A.; Beurskens, L.W.M.;
Renewable energy employment effects in the EU and the Member States - Methodology Report
ECN-E--17-076 EN december 2017; 69 pag.
Lensink, S.M.; Cleijne, J.W.; Beurskens, L.W.M.; Uslu, A.; Cremers, M.; Lemmens, J.; Mast, E.; Schulze, P.; Mijnlieff, H.;
Eindadvies basisbedragen SDE+
ECN-E--17-048 NL november 2017; 136 pag.
Lensink, S.M.; Cleijne, J.W.; Beurskens, L.W.M.; Smekens, K.E.L.; Uslu, A.; Cremers, M.; Groen, B. in 't; Lemmens, J.; Mast, E.; Schulze, P.; Mijnlieff, H.;
Conceptadvies basisbedragen SDE+ 2018
ECN-E--17-031 NL juli 2017; 93 pag.
Uslu, A.; Schulze, P.;
Kostenonderzoek vergisting SDE+ 2018
ECN-N--17-008 NL april 2017; 14 pag.
Uslu, A.; Mozaffarian, M.; Stralen, J. van;
Deliverable 3.2 Biomass Policies: Benchmarking bioenergy policies in Europe
ECN-O--16-009 EN februari 2016; 75 pag.
Uslu, A.; Veum, K.C.;
ECN-O--15-014 EN juli 2015; 44 pag.
Zuijlen, C.L. van; Lensink, S.M.; Beurskens, L.W.M.; Hekkenberg, M.; Kraan, C.M.; Londo, H.M.; Mozaffarian, M.; Plomp, A.J.; Uslu, A.; Cremers, M.F.G. ; Groen, B. in 't; Jans, G.; Taris, A.; Lemmens, J.; Meijer, R.; Savy, C.; Mijnlieff, H.;
Conceptadvies basisbedragen SDE+ 2016 voor marktconsultatie
ECN-E--15-010 NL april 2015; 91 pag.
Uslu, A.; Veum, K.C.; Kraan, C.M.;
BETTER Roadmap for enhanced cooperation between EU and third countries – Policy Recommendations
ECN-L--15-014 EN maart 2015; 18 pag.
Presented at: A high-level policy discussion on the benefits and challenges of cooperation on renewable energy, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 3 March 2015.
Uslu, A.; Karakosta, C; Dalla Longa, F.; Veum, K.C.; Straver, K.;
EU RES cooperation initiatives with third Countries - North Africa, West Balkans and Turkey
ECN-O--13-059 EN december 2013; 39 pag.
Veum, K.C.; Uslu, A.; Coninck, H.C. de;
Renewable energy: from marginal to mainstream
ECN-O--13-017 EN april 2013; 10 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; Dalla Longa, F.; Panoutsou, C.;
The role of biomass in heat, electricity, and transport markets in the EU27 under different scenarios
ECN-W--13-066 EN maart 2013; 17 pag.
Published in: Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Wiley), 2013, Ed.7, 2, p.147-163.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; Elbersen, B.; Panoutsou, C.; Fritsche, U.; Böttcher, H.;
Bioenergy scenarios that contribute to a sustainable energy future in the EU27
ECN-W--13-067 EN maart 2013; 9 pag.
Published in: Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Wiley), 2013, Ed.7, 2, p.164-172.
Panatsou, C.; Bauen, A.; Böttcher, H.; Alexopoulou, E.; Fritsche, U.; Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; Elbersen, B.; Kretschmer, B.; Capros, P.; Maniatis, K.;
Biomass Futures: Biomass Futures: an integrated approach for estimating the future contribution of biomass value chains to the European energy system and inform future policy formation
ECN-W--13-065 EN februari 2013; 9 pag.
Published in: Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Wiley), 2013, Ed.7, 2, p.106-114.
Elbersen, B.; Stralen, J. van; Uslu, A.; Böttcher, H.; Panatsou, C.; Fritsche, U.;
Sustainable Biomass Supply
ECN-W--12-023 EN april 2012; 5 pag.
Published in: BE Sustainable (ETA-Florence Renewable Energies), 2012, Ed.0, p.8-12.
Stralen, J. van; Uslu, A.;
The role biomass can play in 2020 & 2030 - Deviations and consistency with NREAPs
ECN-L--12-005 EN april 2012; 40 pag.
Presented at: Final workshop Biomass Futures at the European Parlement, Brussels, Belgium, March 20 , 2012.
Stralen, J. van; Dalla Longa, F.; Beurskens, L.W.M.; Uslu, A.;
D5.1 Functional description of the REsolve model kit and the biomass allocation
ECN-E--12-019 EN april 2012; 24 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
D5.2 Biomass Futures scenario set-up and the methodology for analysis
ECN-E--12-020 EN april 2012; 19 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; Beurskens, L.W.M.; Dalla Longa, F.;
Use of sustainable biomass to produce electricity, heat and transport fuels in EU27
ECN-E--12-021 EN april 2012; 61 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
Report on the interactions with the Green-X modelling team
ECN-E--12-022 EN april 2012; 21 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
Interactions with policy makers and the stakeholders
ECN-E--12-023 EN april 2012; 14 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
Sustainable biomass for electricity, heat and transport fuels in the EU27
ECN-E--12-030 EN april 2012; 30 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van; De Vita, A.; Apostolaki, E.; Capros, P.;
Description of model links between PRIMES-biomass and RESolve
ECN-E--12-031 EN april 2012; 29 pag.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
Bioenergy markets: the policy demand for heat, electricity and biofuels, and sustainable biomass supply
ECN-L--12-004 EN maart 2012; 28 pag.
Presented at: European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, March 20, 2012.
Stralen, J. van; Dalla Longa, F.; Ros, J.; Uslu, A.;
Functional description of biomass allocation within the RESolve model kit
ECN-O--11-011 EN december 2010; 22 pag.
Uslu, A.; Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.; Pelkmans, L.; Berndes, G.; Prieler, S.; Fischer, G; Cueste Cabal, H.;
Reconciling biofuels, sustainability and commodities demand
ECN-O--10-017 EN juni 2010; 38 pag.
Uslu, A.;
Biofuels and global sustainability; pitfalls and policy options
ECN-L--10-120 EN juni 2010; 29 pag.
Presented at: RRB7 Conference, Dusseldorf, Germany, 8-9 June 2010.
Jansen, J.C.; Uslu, A.; Lako, P.;
What is the scope for the Dutch government to use the flexible mechanisms of the Renewables Directive cost-effectively?
ECN-E--10-020 EN april 2010; 47 pag.
Uslu, A.;
Markets for biofuels and lignocellulosic biomass
ECN-O--10-045 EN april 2010; 10 pag.
Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.; Stralen, J. van; Uslu, A.;
Overcoming the initial investment hurdle for advanced biofuels: An analysis of biofuel-related risks and their impact on project financing
ECN-O--10-019 EN april 2010; 62 pag.
Uslu, A.;
Biofuels and land use change - challenges for science and policy
ECN-O--10-044 EN februari 2010; 11 pag.