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Publications from author Bedon, G. 
Bulder, B.H.; Bot, E.T.G.; Bedon, G.;
Scoping analysis of the potential yield of the Hollandse Kust (Noord) wind farm and the influence on the existing wind farms in the proximity
ECN-E--18-033 EN mei 2018; 34 pag.
Bulder, B.H.; Bot, E.T.G.; Bedon, G.;
Optimal wind farm power density analysis for future offshore wind farms
ECN-E--18-025 EN maart 2018; 35 pag.
Peeringa, J.M.; Bedon, G.;
Structural Reliability Assessment of a 4MW Offshore Wind Turbine Monopile
ECN-E--17-069 EN december 2017; 44 pag.
Wagenaar, J.W.; Bedon, G.; Werkhoven, E.J.; diggelen, C.A. van;
Wind Iris nacelle LiDAR calibration at ECN test site
ECN-E--16-053 EN oktober 2016; 43 pag.