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CASINDO Programme Summary Report
Linden, N.H. van der; Wijnker, M.; Kamphuis, E.; Tri Winarno, O.; Smekens, K.E.L.; Bole, T.; Saidi, M.A.R.; Permana, I.
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ECN Policy Studies 12-7-2013
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ECN-B--13-008 Book
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At the basis of all development and growth trajectory lies the availability and the quality of sufficient human resources. Without adequately trained professionals, any development path will end prematurely. Without sufficiently strong human capacity, economic growth might be sheer coincidence. Without trained personnel, factories cannot be built or operate, finance will only be directed towards short-term wins instead of long-term investments, and policies will at best be fragmented and short-term. This also holds for the energy sector, where a variety of skilled professionals is needed in areas such as resource exploration, sound project development, financing, research, engineering, legislation, maintenance and, last but not least, the preparation of long-term visions, policy and planning. This is especially true when new sectors have to be developed, which is essentially the case for renewable energy and energy efficiency in many countries. This also holds for Indonesia, where the development of a renewable energy sector is one of the key challenges of the country’s strive towards energy security, climate change mitigation and energy access for all.

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