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The EC energy and environment model EFOM-ENV specified in GAMS : The case of the Netherlands.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1992
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ECN-C--92-003 ECN publication
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EFOM-ENV (Energy Flow and Optimization Model - ENVironment) is an LP model which covers the complete energy system of a country. It is originally programmed in FORTRAN. At the moment the model is operational for all EC countries in projects commissioned by DG XII of the Commission of European Communities. A GAMS (General Algebraic Modelling System) version of EFOM-ENV is developed in order to improve the userfriendliness, flexibility and portability. The modelling language GAMS is especially developed to handle this type of large and complicated models. EFOM-ENV/GAMS provides a clear model structure to organize the massive amount of data belonging to an energy system. The capabilities to change, check and evaluate data are extended. Finally the possibility to run EFOM-ENV in different places (computers) is increased, because GAMS can be applied on mainframes, workstations (UNIX) and personal computers (MS-DOS). The EFOM-ENV/GAMS is evaluated by comparing two energy scenarios of the Netherlands: one developed with the original EFOM-ENV/FORTRAN and another with the GAMS version. The results agree with each other as far as similar input data are used. The output is more reliable, because EFOM-ENV/GAMS itself generates the report generation instead of utility programs, so that transfer and inconsistency errors are avoided.

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