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In-situ distribution coefficients and exchangeability of radiocaesium inaquatic systems
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-053 Other
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The overall objective of the title multidisciplinary project is toimprove both the applicability to dynamic situations and transportability between sites of mathematical models of radionuclide transport through the aquatic environment, by replacing the present black-box models with functional models which incorporate fundamental scientific principles within them. The objectives for the reporting period (1992-1995) are (1) to test the general validity of the in-situ KD("13"7Cs)/NH"4" ion-exchange relationship and its power to predict radiocaesium mobility in (and remobilisation from) freshwater sediments; (2) determination of 'exchangeable' in-situ radiocaesium-KD's, in addition to 'total' in-situ radiocaesium-KD's, by multiple extraction of the sediment with NH"4"+solutions and subsequent preconcentration/low-background measurement of the extracted-"13"7Cs; and (3) search for possibilities (method) to measure the reverse rate constants of radiocaesium sorption (remobilisation) on natural samples, to be included in kinetic models for radiocaesium sorption. 1 fig., 3 tabs., 8 refs.

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