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Publications from author Mallant, R.K.A.M. 
Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Lebedeva, N.P.; Zhang, Y.M.; Li, L.; Tang, J.K.; Bukhtiyarov, V.I.; Romanenko, A.V. ; Voropaev, I. ; Bauer, B.; Zhang, W.; Jones, D.J. ; Roziere, J. ; Gao, H.R.;
Significant Steps towards medium Temperature/Low RH PEMFC; Results from the EU IPHE-GENIE project
ECN-L--09-176 EN december 2009; 44 pag.
Presented at: 2009 Fuel Cell Seminar , Palm Springs, US, 16-19 november 2009.
Bruijn, F.A. de; Makkus, R.C.; Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Janssen, G.J.M.;
Materials for State-of-the-Art PEM Fuel Cells, and their suitability for operation aboven 100 C
ECN-RX--05-167 EN november 2005; 165 pag.
Bruijn, F.A. de; Druten, G.M.R. van; Groot, A. de; Haije, W.G.; Laag, P.C. van der; Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Nammensma, P.; Nyqvist, R.G.; Ouweltjes, J.P.; Plomp, L.;
Collected Extended abstracts of ECN contributions to the 2002 Fuel Cell Seminar in Palm Springs
ECN-RX--02-057 EN december 2002; 35 pag.
Presented at: Fuel Cell Seminar 2002, Palm Springs, USA, 18-21 november 2002.
Bos, A.J.M.; Bosch, A. van den; Mallant, R.K.A.M.;
Marktkansen voor brandstofcellen in bedrijfsvoertuigen, deel 1 : beleid
ECN-C--00-033 NL februari 2000; 64 pag.
Snijders, W.; Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Berkhout, P.D.; Sloetjes, E.W.;
Marktkansen voor brandstofcellen in bedrijfsvoertuigen: deel 2: techniek
ECN-C--00-034 NL februari 2000; 83 pag.
Makkus, R.C.; Janssen, A.H.H.; Bruijn, F.A. de; Mallant, R.K.A.M.;
Use of stainless steel for bipolar plates in the SPFC
ECN-RX--99-041 EN december 1999; 18 pag.
Published in: Presented at the Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, 13-16 September 1999, London, UK. - Submitted to Journal of Power Sources (), , Ed., p.-.
Veldhuis, J.B.J.; Bruijn, F.A. de; Mallant, R.K.A.M.;
Air pollution: a problem for the SPFC cathode?
ECN-RX--98-048 EN augustus 1998; 15 pag.
Published in: To be published in the proceedings of 1998 Fuel cell seminar, Palm Springs, California, USA, 16-19 November 1998 (), , Ed., p.-.
Bussel, H.P.L.H. van; Koene, F.G.H.; Mallant, R.K.A.M.;
Dynamic model of solid polymer fuel cell water management
ECN-RX--97-064 EN 1997; 17 pag.
Published in: Submitted to Journal of power sources (), , Ed., p.-.
Mallant, R.K.A.M.;
Brass board integration of a reformer/fuel cell/battery/electricmotor system for electric traction: eindrapport fase I: 1993, januari 1993 tot januari 1994
ECN-C--95-012 EN 1995; 23 pag.
Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Koene, F.G.H.;
De vaste polymeer brandstofcel
ECN-I--93-002 NL 1993; 36 pag.
Bruggink, J.J.C.; Mallant, R.K.A.M.; Wart, R. van der; Muradin-Szweykowska, M.;
National energy policy and climate change prevention : The role of new energy technologies
ECN-RX--92-026 EN 1992; 15 pag.