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Publications from author Stad, R.C.L. van der
Kloosterman, J.L.; Khorochev, M.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Analysis of a thorium fuelled PWR
ECN-R--97-013 EN 1997; 55 pag.
Kuijper, J.C.; Haas, J.B.M. de; Klippel, H.T.; Hogenbirk, A.; Oppe, J.; Sciolla, C.M.; Stad, R.C.L. van der; Zhang, B.C.;
Reactor physics calculations on the Dutch small HTR concept
ECN-RX--97-020 EN 1997; 44 pag.
Published in: Paper, presented at the IAEA Technical Committee meeting on high temperature gas cooled reactor development "Commercializing the (), , Ed., p.-.
Hogenbirk, A.; Stad, R.C.L. van der; Janssen, A.J.; Klippel, H.T.; Kuijper, J.C.;
HTR-PROTEUS benchmark calculations: pt. 1: unit cell resultsLEUPRO-1 and LEUPRO-2
ECN-C--95-087 EN 1995; 49 pag.
Klippel, H.T.; Hogenbirk, A.; Stad, R.C.L. van der; Janssen, A.J.; Kuijper, J.C.; Levin, P.;
Reactor physics calculations on HTR type configurations [ECN-RX--95-007]: [paper pres. at the ECN Workshop on the role of modular high temperature reactors in the Netherlands, 30 Nov. - 1 Dec. 1994, Petten, The Netherlands]
ECN-RX--95-007 EN 1995; 14 pag.
Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Thermal effects of runaway electrons in an armoured divertor
ECN-I--93-057 EN 1993; 26 pag.
Stad, R.C.L. van der; Gruppelaar, H.;
ECNJEF1 : A JEF1 based 219-group neutron cross-section library: User's manual = ECN-I--92-032
ECN-I--92-032 EN 1992; 23 pag.
Chonghai,  Cai; Gruppelaar, H.; Oppe, J.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
EJ1 : A JEF1 based 219-group neutron cross-section library: plots of total, elastic, fission and capture cross-sections = ECN-I--92-036
ECN-I--92-036 EN 1992; 150 pag.
Stad, R.C.L. van der; Gruppelaar, H.; Oppe, J.;
EJ1 : a JEF1 based 219-group neutron cross-section library: user's manual = ECN-I--92-039
ECN-I--92-039 EN 1992; 24 pag.
Kraaij, G.J.; Bakker, J.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Erosion of CFC, pyrolytic and boronated graphite under short pulsed laser irradiation
ECN-R--92-005 EN 1992; 33 pag.
Stad, R.C.L. van der; Klippel, H.T.; Kraaij, G.J.;
Evaluation of plasma disruption simulating short pulse laser irradiation experiments on boronated graphites and CFC's
ECN-RX--92-074 EN 1992; 6 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Bakker, J.; Stad, R.C.L. van der; Klippel, H.T.;
Experimental simulation and analysis of off-normal heat loads accompanying plasma disruptions. : Contribution to the 16th Symposium on fusion ; technology (SOFT), London, 3-7 September 1990.
ECN-RX--90-092 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Klippel, H.T.; Stad, R.C.L. van der; Bakker, J.;
Simulation and analysis of the response of carbon fiber composites and pyrolytic graphites to off-normal high heat loads. : Contribution to the ; 5th Workshop on carbon for fusion applications, KFA Julich, 17-18 May 1990.
ECN-RX--90-051 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Klippel, H.T.; Bakker, J.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Structural and metallurgical effects in stainless steel for first wall applications in simulated plasma disruptions. : Report presented at the ; 4th International conference on fusion reactor materials, Kyoto, 4-8 December 1989.
ECN-RX--90-041 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Klippel, H.T.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Thermal analysis of plasma disruptions on first wall (FW) and divertor.
ECN-C--90-003 EN 1990; 0 pag.