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Publications from author Stoffer, A. 
Seebregts, A.J.; Kram, T.; Schaeffer, G.J.; Stoffer, A.; Kypreos, S.; Barreto, L.; Messner, S.; Schrattenholzer, L.;
Endogenous technological change in energy system models: synthesis of experience with ERIS, MARKAL, and MESSAGE
ECN-C--99-025 EN april 1999; 29 pag.
Seebregts, A.J.; Kram, T.; Schaeffer, G.J.; Stoffer, A.;
Endogenous technological learning: experiments with MARKAL: contribution to Task 2.3 of the EU-TEEM Project
ECN-C--98-064 EN december 1998; 87 pag.
Harmelen, A.K. van; Stoffer, A.; Motahari, M.;
Transfer of energy technologies to Central and Eastern European countries: potentials and economic profitability
ECN-C--97-063 EN juni 1997; 101 pag.
Harmelen, T. van; Stoffer, A.; Jabinski, I.; Manoilova, T.;
Energy demand and supply in Bulgaria and Haskovo region: technical report for the Phare Project 'Energy concept/regional energy centre for the pilot region of Haskovo'
ECN-C--97-067 EN 1997; 136 pag.
Kram, T.; Schol, E.; Stoffer, A.; Rothengatter, W.; Gühnemann, A.; Soerensen, M.M.; Stouge, A.; Suter, S.; Walter, F.;
External costs of transport and internalisation: synthesis report on TopicA: external costs of transport
ECN-C--96-069 EN 1996; 190 pag.
Harmelen, T. van; Kruijk, H. de; Stoffer, A.; Maly, M.;
Strategies for reducing emissions and depositions in Central andEastern European countries: the case of the Czech Republic [ECN-C--94-101]
ECN-C--94-101 EN 1995; 59 pag.
Harmelen, T. van; Stoffer, A.; Kruijk, H. de; Salamonova, A.;
Strategies for reducing emissions and depositions in Central andEastern European countries: the case of Slovakia
ECN-C--94-102 EN 1995; 59 pag.
Oostvoorn, F. van; Pellekaan, W.O.; Aaserud, M.; Brubakk, L.; Harmelen, T. van; Stoffer, A.;
Energy scenarios for a changing Europe: integration versus fragmentation
ECN-C--95-075 EN 1995; 79 pag.
Pellekaan, W.O.; Brubakk, L.; Stoffer, A.;
Sectoral European energy model SEEM: a model description
ECN-I--95-033 EN 1995; 74 pag.
Lako, P.; Stoffer, A.; Beeldman, M.;
Economics and market potential of the modular high temperaturereactor in the Netherlands
ECN-R--95-012 EN 1995; 57 pag.